Recent Buys/Winter Stapes (Credit Card is crying)

My winter staples, consist of boots I had no buying, but let me tell you, for a person of my height these boots reach my thigh. These are the Aldos over the knee boots that are perfect for any occasion and that are so coming with me to London. Next on my list is the express trench coat. I've been looking for a trench coat one stylish, looks expensive but is affordable. Express did not let me down with this one. The camel color is beautiful, sadly this baby is not coming with me to London but look forward to it in the future. Turtlenecks, Crewnecks I brought 2 in white, blush, and maroon. Needless to say I will be warm in London. The little black dress. I have about 5 different black dresses. No, they are not all the same! The Basic cardigan, I also have about 10 of these different colors of course but you never know. 


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