Marie Antoinette

Whenever I come back to Paris, There is a love hate relationship between the city and me. I love to be here and then I think it's overrated. I've had the wonderful pleasure of visiting France three times now. Overall Paris is becoming another Timesquare to me. Over crowded and just a train ride away. I do think the next time my boots lad in France it will be in the south of France. I no longer hold and OMG feeling when I see certain landmarks in Paris. However, I do feel a sense of gratification every time I am here. To my high school teacher who first took us here and said you guys will probably never be here again so take it all in. I've never wanted to prove someone so wrong and look I did. Ha! So this post is dedicated to you good sir. 



The Grosvenor

Boy the Brits did not disappoint! From the moment we stepped out of our horrid cab ride on our first day in London. It was as if we were transported to our own little France palace. While in the heart of London we managed to find ourselves in a France royal hotel. With its sister hotel in Paris The Grosvenor and their staff were accommodating from start to finish. With our rooms being upgraded not once but twice and the on care support I received when I fell ill.  Heading back from a long day of tourist activities was the greatest feeling to fall back into our comfortable beds. I would stay again and I recommend the staff became more than staff, but, friends, which we could relay our days and night too.



Notting Hill

The darkest days bring out the best adventure. London is quite gloomy and just when I believe I am becoming accustomed to the weather It gets crazy cold.  Exploring the back streets of Notting Hill and getting horridly lost. I want to come back to London and do a proper tour. When I have more money of course, this city can run your pockets dry. It's been a long couple of days, some days I miss New York and other times I want to stay here. If I was more established, I would. 
Outfit: Turtleneck-Forever 21, Jacket-H&M Bag-Kate Spade Shoes- Express



English Breakfast Please

Day 2, By far the most fun we have had. I'm pretty sure we are going to have other days that blow today out of the park. I'm not gonna lie in a way it feels like we haven't left New York. The only difference is accents, clean streets, and polite people. Visiting these major landmarks were so much fun. We, however became very American, in certain places we were too loud, in other places we kept speaking in terms of the Dollar. I'm not about this Pound life.



Travel Essentials

The day is here, I am currently writing this from my beautiful hotel room in London. We got upgraded twice and you'll be able to see more in my Vlog which is going up now. Look for the review on this place and other blog outfit pictures which will go up starting Wednesday on.
Love From London XOXO



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