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Hello, I will be answering some of the questions people have about Sogang University. Since i graduated already and I am a graduate student I do not attend the university and sit in regular classes, I attend the university as a language student and I only take language classes, therefore I cannot answer everything.

- Do you have to be in college or a student to study abroad at Sogang?
You do not have to be a college student to study at Sogang university, but you must be 18 years or older and you must have completed high school for you have to supply a transcript. This however is just for the language program in order to gain access to the university unless you are doing an exchange program with your home 4 year university. You must complete level 3 in the language institute to gain access to Sogang.

-At Sogang do all student's have to live abroad? For students who do is room and board included in the price, is it hard to get a dorm there?

Yes, you must live in Korea to attend the language institute, for the summer there is no dorms for the language students, if they do have dorms, it is very hard to gain entry into them if you are not a full time student during the summer. I am not sure of the price since I have my own place.

-Do Sogang dorms come with wifi? 
I'm pretty sure they do, but please refer to the page below

-Can you take multiple classes at Sogang,  come back at different semesters to take classes there?
If you are in the language institute you may come back and take classes during the following semester, although it is not guaranteed that you will be placed in the a level higher, you may take the same level if they seem fit to place you there, 

-For getting you D-4 Visa how do you get a Korean reference letter and a Korean sponsor?

For the D-4 Visa as a US citizen I did not need a reference letter or a Korean sponsor, I just needed proof of income/bank statement and my return ticket. I am un-aware of how it will be in other countries.

-When you buy your airplane ticket is it easier to get a round trip ticket?
I got a round trip ticket because it was cheaper that way, if you plan on staying a year or two you will need 2 tickets one one way and one return. You can not buy a round trip ticket that is one/two years in advance. 

-Is it easy to make friends if you're going there by yourself?
It is very easy to make friends, your classmates make kakao group chats, they have meals and parties. The only language you guys have in common is Korean, there are many Japanese and Chinese students. 

-If you're not living in dorms how do know where to get get a place to live and the cost of that?
I would just look online there are many sharehouses and onerooms available in Korea. I would not recommend an apartment unless you have Key money. 

Refer To: goshipages.com

-I know Sogang is a religious school do they force students to participate in religious things?

Sogang is a religious school, however, they only mention a mass one time and then you never hear about it again. We have people of different religions in our class they are very respectful. 

-When paying for tuition do you pay after you have gotten accepted and do you pay online?
When paying for tuition you pay after you are acceptance and then you receive your acceptance letter in the mail, you pay via wire transfer. 

-Is their a certain time that you have to apply for a specific season? Because I think I would like to go during the fall.
If you want to apply for a specific session you have to check back on the page and find out when the time to apply is open.  We had to wait till Febuary to apply for summer.

-What is the best way to by email Sogang or by mailing everything? 
Everything is done by Email, The only thing you receive by mail is your acceptance letter, you will see where to upload everything once you begin applying. 

-Is it hard to get in? I know that Sogang is supposed to be a really good university but is the study abroad program competitive?

No it is not Competive at all, as a forigener you get a better chance because it rises their status as a school many foreingers what to go to.

-How do you know which class to sign up for, I'm planning on studying korean on my own then taking some korean classes at a community college that I live close to, do they give you tests to take when you apply then assign you into a class?

I only signed up for Korean classes and I was given a test to place me in my level, the only thing I was able to choose was the time i wanted to start classes.

-how much is it roughly, if you don't mind my asking, like with all of the books and stuff I was figuring around at least $3,000 usd.

It depends on you, how long you plan on staying, how well you are with not shopping, and what you want to do. 3,000 not including tuition and plane ticket is great for 3 months. My total cost, including plane, tuition, traveling  and living for 6 months was 14,000$. 


~One Step at a Time

Korea Has been quite a ride a good one might I add.  Nothing but positive vibes and energy here, a lot of studying because I am going to school and it's not all fun and games, but we started taking trips to different parts of Seoul and soon we will be visiting different areas in Korea. I'm loving it here and if I had the option I would stay.



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