Kind of Vintagie

Yea! So Don't look for me, I get a lot of messages from my friends on snapchat asking if I am ever coming home. I mean I guess. London looks good on me and even though I will be going home in a month I plan to be back here next year September. I've made a large amount of friends, I've met new people and I've fallen in love (with the city of course ;)) Nothing makes me happier than being here it's like I am permanently stuck in the background of all of these photos. Like I belong here. 




I am "Home" well what I call my definition of home, I'm in England. I'm so happy right now, like so happy. I'm staying with Tiffany before anyone asks. So I'm not rolling in money, but I'm so happy (did I say that already lol) I've always loved England/London and I want to live here if I am being honest. While I loved Korea I did feel like something was missing and that something I find here in England. It feels like home stepping off the plane feels like home and I hope one day it can be home.



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