Let it be

If this what it means to be an adult, I would like to return this purchase. I felt quite helpless today, for many reasons, for many things. A lot which I cannot control. It's hard when you give advice and it's not received well. It's harder when you want something so bad, but it's not ready for you. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too fast paced for this life.
Outfit Details: Jacket, Hat, Dress: Forever 21. Shoes: Call it Spring




What is Office attire? Where I work you can wear whatever you want, however I'm old. Well, not old, but in a place where I feel like leggings do not belong in the workplace. I'm currently looking into starting PR/Marketing jobs, but I don't know where to look. Guys, it's been a shitty weekend so yeah....




That moment when its 1am and you have work the next morning, your house is 1 hour away and you don't give two fucks because you got a free drink. The life of a grad student running away from responsibility. I'll keep this short, not much to talk about unless you're interested in my paper for my modern french history class. Then by all means do let me know and I'll write my thesis here next time. The most important outfit detail is my H&M coat, got this pastel beauty in the summer and France better get ready for its debut. 



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