Winter Wonderland

So Winter Wonderland in London is life before we went out to see the actual fair and everything that is awesome with London, My friend and I went off to take pictures by the cafe. There is not that much to say but I miss London lol



Windy Fall

This was my favorite shoot. It was cold, windy and rainy, but the wind added to everything that made this post 100%. This is included in my lookbook on my Youtube, but I wanted to share the different looks on my blog. Missing London every single day. 



(Fall) in Love LookBook

Hey guys, so in the next couple of weeks I'm going to post three different looks using very similar outfits, I'm showing you guys how to make simple date night outfits, work outfits, and outfits for class. I'm in a really good mood lately here in London and doing many events with other youtubers and meeting new people. I hope you guys enjoy these next couple of weeks. 

Also had to be honest with you guys about London. So sometimes I suffer from depression, not the kind where I can't function forever, but the kind that sometimes makes me want to stay inside for about 2-3 days. It could also make me feel like I am a burden or that I am not wanted in places (reasons my middle school life) So I'm staying with the most amazing person I met in Korea. She was lovely enough to let me stay with her in her room without having to pay rent or anything. Sometimes, however, I did get the feeling of not belonging or that I wasn't wanted and it made me sad to be honest. It made me not want to do anything and just curl into a ball. So we are not all perfect guys and traveling can be tough sometimes
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Kind of Vintagie

Yea! So Don't look for me, I get a lot of messages from my friends on snapchat asking if I am ever coming home. I mean I guess. London looks good on me and even though I will be going home in a month I plan to be back here next year September. I've made a large amount of friends, I've met new people and I've fallen in love (with the city of course ;)) Nothing makes me happier than being here it's like I am permanently stuck in the background of all of these photos. Like I belong here. 




I am "Home" well what I call my definition of home, I'm in England. I'm so happy right now, like so happy. I'm staying with Tiffany before anyone asks. So I'm not rolling in money, but I'm so happy (did I say that already lol) I've always loved England/London and I want to live here if I am being honest. While I loved Korea I did feel like something was missing and that something I find here in England. It feels like home stepping off the plane feels like home and I hope one day it can be home.



5 Tips To Survive South Korea (Study Abroad Edition)

1. Money

I don't think I can stress this enough the most important thing about studying abroad is the money. I think we live in a sad world, I wish education was free, worldwide, So if you come from the states like I do the Korean currency is not as low as you think. Now if you are a part of the land of the Pounds or the Euros you may face less breakdowns then us poor Americans. ( Mom., why couldn't we live in Europe?) If you are an American and you find yourself struggling like I did, might I recommend finding a job. Side tutoring, stripping, anything that will help bring in the bucks. When coming to study here in Korea, studying eats up a lot of money, not to mention rent, food, clubbing, and shopping. I remember looking at my bank account in my third month like where did all my money go. I swear it was hiding somewhere else. Coming here make sure you budget right and only you know yourself. If you plan on shopping a lot make sure you have funds for that and you aren't starving 2 days in.

2. Friends 

I think this is the most important part weather you are coming to Korea with your friends or you will meet and make friends along the way. Friends will help you with practicing Korean because you maybe too scared to approach Koreans. Friends will help you with #1 Money. If you have a friend that knows someone that need tutoring then Bam! You are set with a job. Friends will go clubbing, shopping and eating with you. While I don't have a problem eating alone Korea is a very sharing culture so some may have problems eating by themselves. Trust me, if I never met the people I did know I would not be going to London for 2 months (My dream city)

3. Studying Hard

Now you may think this section is a game, but you did not come to Korea to find your prince charming( Unless you did then hey right on) for the rest of us Studying is the only thing that will guarantee your placement in the next level no matter what school you go to. If you are a college student, you understand how to balance both a life and your studies. If your a young high school student then you better learn quickly how to balance. While the studying is the least hard part there is a lot of homework and a lot of chances to just do nothing, When you think you have time to break you don't you better be studying. You better be studying on the plane, the train, the bathroom before you sleep, ect. I recommend the Quizlet app and online program it is a free program where you can play games and use flash cards to learn your vocab. ect.

4. Getting Out of your comfort Zone, and learning New things

This one is my favorite, If you don't think you can do it, you probably can, you are just too scared to try. Now that I'm in Korea alone, I find myself doing things alone. Seeing a movie by myself having dinner alone, and it's okay, it's new it's refreshing. I have never done things alone. But this time it's just me and that's scary but exciting at the same time. Learn about new cultures, learn about new people learn to run, learn to swim there is so many things to do in Korea, clubs to join people to meet. Go to a language exchange go to a bar and people watch. I've been going to things alone since New York it's fun trust me. Change your point of view.

5. Lower your expectations.

Last but not least, you girls that come here have high expectations. Trust me, I had them myself, but no place is that perfect place you see on TV. I''m still looking for that version of New York City that Gossip Girl portrayed. I think Kpop and Kdrama has made Korean look like a promise land. While these places probably exist if you are a broke student, you are not looking for those places at all.
Most likely you will frequent places that you always go to. No Jay Park will not appear from a random store (Sadly) and yes concerts do come out of no where. But Korea is not what it looks like on TV and that should not be the only reason you come to Korea. So if that is you reasons stay home, but if not these are some tips for you.


My Role Model

You know I have a lot of goals in my life and surprisingly I'm achieving them all. One more year till I complete my masters, pushed to learn German(must get better lol) learning Korean and working as a Language Consultant. Soon I'll be living in London and my last in final goal is to stay there. I never had a role model before, but this woman pushes me to want to do more. (Besides my mom)I just took a moment to realize how she is effecting me and making me want to work hard. You ever get incredible happiness from just looking at someone. I've never had a role model till I found out about Patricia 💕


I've asked myself before, What kind of women do I want to become. I knew from the start I was not like my peers, I wanted to learn many languages, I wanted to travel the world, and I wanted to be someone that people looked up to. This woman has allowed me to push myself even going as far as creating my own Youtube channel. While I've had this blog for 3 plus years I want to continue to grow and push this blog.  

I've also come to realize that appearance does matter, not just the superficial aspects, but it helps how you feel about yourself in the workplace and in everyday life. Taking care of not only your body by working out, but also taking care of your mind. Working to grow and to push your mind beyond what you think you can do. Yes, this woman has allowed me to think beyond what is Black and White.



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