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Wearing: Tracy: Forever21-Mint Dress, Forever21-Belt, Oxfords-Ebay, Shamire: Top-Element, Leggings-Old Navy, Bennie-Aeroplostale, Shoes-Convers 

Forgive us will you, so much has been happening college transfers and career moves, so much has happened in this month. On the brighter side of things I start my Korean school on Monday, super excited for that. Shamire has decided she wants Ryan Gosling for her birthday, Good Luck. Speaking of birthdays ours is coming up at the end of this month sooo stay tuned for more outfits plus our special birthday night. OHHH there also shall be goodies to giveaway.

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Goodie Bags

Hey guys its giveaway time! So this will be the first ever giveaway on our blog and to start were giving away some goodies.

A ring from BrandyMelville, A headband from Forever21, and A Printed box chain from Forever 21

Since this is our first give away the rules are simple,
 one winner will be chosen at random, this is an international giveaway,
must have permission from your parents, if you are under 18
Must be following this blog on GFC, or Bloglovin. and leave a comment, saying what your looking forward to for the summer, and your email below.
Good Luck 

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The Great Escape

      Shamire and I are planing a spectacular break out of our homes. We need room to breath, Shamire and I will be looking for apartments and places to live. Now although this is not for some time we've already discussed locations around NYC we would like to move. Oh the dreams of having your own space and being your own person. Its just a stepping stone in our lives but once that happens we'll be sure to inform you guys. Looking for places is never fun, you have this grand idea in your head but your bugget knocks you down from the stars and into reality. Just sharing some tumblr goodness of fantasy living. We'll be sure to have a house warming for you guys, everyone should come ^_^

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One Thousand Paper Cranes

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Wearing: Tracy: Top Zara Basic, Skirt Ebay, Oxfords Ebay. Shamire: Shirt, Forever21, Leggings, American Rag, Boots, Ebay.

They say that if your create one thousand paper cranes your wish will come true. Wouldn't that be lovely to get anything you wanted just by creating cranes. The Japanese culture is so interesting and complex that not many take the time out to understand it however we all know the folk tale of the thousand paper cranes. This location for us was pretty home based but we took it and made it our own, I should get started on my cranes now, see you later
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