Good Vibes, Good Food, Good Friends

Something about seeing a friend which you haven't seen in a long time reminds me of two old lovers coming together. The chemistry will always be there and so will the love. I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Moaze who i haven't seen in forever this past weekend. Although he was late and always is, I can never stay mad at him. What's strange is we don't live far away from each other we are just super busy. I took him to my favorite Thai place called {VIvi} on Park. It is worth a pop in if you are visiting or just in the city.
Outfit: Ripped Jeans-Online, Faux Leather Jacket: Forever21, Shit: Topshop, Hat: H&M Bag: Forever 21



Recent Buys/Winter Stapes (Credit Card is crying)

My winter staples, consist of boots I had no buying, but let me tell you, for a person of my height these boots reach my thigh. These are the Aldos over the knee boots that are perfect for any occasion and that are so coming with me to London. Next on my list is the express trench coat. I've been looking for a trench coat one stylish, looks expensive but is affordable. Express did not let me down with this one. The camel color is beautiful, sadly this baby is not coming with me to London but look forward to it in the future. Turtlenecks, Crewnecks I brought 2 in white, blush, and maroon. Needless to say I will be warm in London. The little black dress. I have about 5 different black dresses. No, they are not all the same! The Basic cardigan, I also have about 10 of these different colors of course but you never know. 



Over The Years....

Merry Christmas everyone! I just got in from mass, its about 3am here in NY and I just had some late night thoughts to share. Over the years I've noticed that my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas. We go to mass, then head to bed, no tree, no gift, no warm feelings. This year I went to church with a good friend of mine because my mom had work and It felt really good, (as a religious person) to just be surrounded by love and positivity. We headed over to her house to open her family gifts and that's where things went down hill. Personally, when I look at other families exchanging gifts and spending time with each other I always get extremely sad. My family doesn't do these things, and I want that. I'm so sad guys and I know this is different from a fashion post, but I wanted to share this. It's hard to talk to my friends sometimes because they are dealing with their own emotions and I always have to be the strongest one in the group. I'm just so tired of being strong. Cherish your family, this day is not about gifts but knowing you have people to open presents with.



Navy Blues

Ehhh... That's not an elegant way to start a blog post is it. I'm quite at a loss as to what I should [Insert Here]. 

Trench Coat: Ebay, Boots: Call it spring Dress: Forever 21 Watch: Fossil 



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