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When every my friends come over its a disaster for my diet and my wallet. My friend Kat came to visit me on her way to germany and in, All my years of living I've never experienced New York the way i had with her. In all honestly I felt like a tourist in my own city. Discovering these amazing spots and meeting the most amazing people ever. In a way I feel in love with New York all over again. I feel in love and now theres no turning back



 Buffalo, this is basically what the trip conceited of time well spent with loren, eating, and finding out that theres absolutely nothing to do in buffalo. outfit post are coming soon sorry for the lack work has me so stressed out and grrrrrrr im tired.




All i want to do is sit at a tiny cafe, and write. Why is it so hard to make a living doing what you love in the city. Anywho I'm starting to love summer time and short clothing and just having fun. My spontaneous ideas of trip are really starting to take a tole on my body, I'm way to tired to function right now. Sigh I wis ting would come easy. On the bright side I spent the two days i had off with my bestie in buffalo and thats another story for another time. I can't fuctionnnnnnnnn Bye my loves ^_^



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I want a blogging buddy some one to meet up with, we'll take each others blog pictures discover cute cafes and what not, and just rome around NY. Happy monday guys how is everyone work and this move to cali is stressing me out. Gotta put in extra hours to save but i have no me time hours oh woe is me. This is the second part of my shoot I love this dress so much and i wanted to show you guys how fabulous it is. Money well spent.


Some Thing About New York





When Something drastic happens most people fear change. However I relish in it, I love being putt out of my comfort zone and doing things that others wouldn't. So readers I'm moving to california with my best friend, we just brought our plane tickets and for the first time in a long time im nervous, excited and scared as hell, but i ready. I've already touched base on may places I never once thought in my life I would go to but spontaneous adventures are my thing. But theres something about New york that I'm going to miss, something about our four seasons that I will always crave. I hope All works out guys.

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California Sun

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Wearing: American Egale-Denim shirt, Topshop Skirt, Converse, Urban Outfiters bag, Forever 21 rings 
My bestie came and visited me this weekend so this was the funniest craziest weekend ever, I have the photos for that but you guys are gonna have to hold on for like two days for that i wanted to get you guys the first set of photo shoot pictures as soon as possible  It was so much fun to be a part of a shoot with such a lovely talented women, I would love the opportunity to shoot again and work more on my expression. This was my favorite outfit inspired by my favorite blogger Zoe. She's amazing and makes me work on my style every day You guys will find out more about the title of this post later. Love Tracy


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