My Role Model

You know I have a lot of goals in my life and surprisingly I'm achieving them all. One more year till I complete my masters, pushed to learn German(must get better lol) learning Korean and working as a Language Consultant. Soon I'll be living in London and my last in final goal is to stay there. I never had a role model before, but this woman pushes me to want to do more. (Besides my mom)I just took a moment to realize how she is effecting me and making me want to work hard. You ever get incredible happiness from just looking at someone. I've never had a role model till I found out about Patricia 💕


I've asked myself before, What kind of women do I want to become. I knew from the start I was not like my peers, I wanted to learn many languages, I wanted to travel the world, and I wanted to be someone that people looked up to. This woman has allowed me to push myself even going as far as creating my own Youtube channel. While I've had this blog for 3 plus years I want to continue to grow and push this blog.  

I've also come to realize that appearance does matter, not just the superficial aspects, but it helps how you feel about yourself in the workplace and in everyday life. Taking care of not only your body by working out, but also taking care of your mind. Working to grow and to push your mind beyond what you think you can do. Yes, this woman has allowed me to think beyond what is Black and White.


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