Stuck in Between

It's funny how New York I stuck in between summer and fall. As the weather begins to catch up with us, we are in that awkward stage of shorts in the daytime heat and a sweater for the night's chill. I still never understood why it is crazy hot in the daytime, then turns into desert chilliness at night. Maybe it's just New York. Thus, for this look I snatched my good friend Bria to show you guys how weather confused we really are. I have on a Forever 21 turtleneck crop top, American Eagle Jeans, Call it spring slip-ons and my H&M gold chains. Bria is a poster child for Urban Outfitters, thus you can find everything she is wearing there. In a weird way this post is new for me since I am also stuck in between comfortable and not. As long as I have known fashion only fit girls are allowed to wear crop-tops thus at many times I find myself shielding my belly and throwing over my new favorite H&M parka. Mindset changes and people grow, as Autumn comes upon us, the crop-top season will soon end. 3 more months till London guys. 


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