Blank Canvas

DSC_1902 DSC_1889 blog DSC_1892 DSC_1893 DSC_1904 DSC_1912 DSC_1906 DSC_1885 DSC_1881 DSC_1872 DSC_1879 DSC_1864 DSC_1870 DSC_1862DSC_1884 Wearing: Tracy: Forever21- Leather Jacket, Ebay-High Wasted Shorts, Beanie- 10th Tribe, Tights-H&M, Backpack-UrbanOutfits, Boots-Ebay. Shamire:Headband-UrbanOutfitters, Shirt-Boyfriend ^_^, Necklace- Forever21, Jeans-Oldnavy, Shoes-Converses 

Life is just like a Blank Canvas. You have the power to chose your own medians your own color and even oil pastels. As we walked to the move theaters, Shamire and I saw a blank wall and thought hey why not, Lets create art. Our outfit choice were very simplistic and we though that the wall was the perfect backdrop to a bland day. As I've learned life is what you make it you can either ride the wave of happiness of drown in sorrow. Now although the movie we wanted to see was sold out until 12am, we decided to pack our things and move on to another theater, although the seats were less comfortable we decided to make positivity out of negativity. If theres one thing I learned today is you need to feel alive be positive because you never know when your negativity will be your down fall.  

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